We specialize in gun coatings, gun repair, gun stock refinishing, and cerakote coatings, which are 8x's more durable than duracoat coatings.

Our armorer's certifications give us the capability for gun repair, and we are an industrial coatings facility. We were trained at the Cerakote facility, and became a Certified Cerakote Coatings Applicator in 2009.


Certified N.I.C. Cerakote TM Coatings Applicator

Quick Cerakote Gun Coatings facts:

- Cerakote Coatings will permanently prevent rust, and allow for a firearm to be "run dry"

Cerakote Coatings can be applied to virtually any material including: metals, synthetics, fiberglass, and wood ( gun stock refinishing)

Cerakote Coatings is applied thin to allow internal and external use including the ID of your barrel.

Cerakote Coatings is much more durable than any paint based (duracoat coatings) or Teflon based coatings, and will gladly do a side-by-side comparison with any gun coating!

Cerakote Coatings H-series can withstand continuous temperatures of 600 deg. F and intermittently to 800 deg. F (Oven-cured)

Cerakote Coatings C-series can withstand continuous temperatures of 1200deg. F and intermittently to 1800 deg. F ( gun stock refinishing, Ambient-Dry)

Cerakote is both an external and internal coating, which is great while making gun repairs. It is cosmetically appealing, and will also endure physical abuse and will endure use in extreme conditions.





Sig Arms P229- completely refinished in Cerakote Coatings  Graphite Black for Local Law Enforcement,( Previously done in Duracoat Coatings.)






LWRCI varmnit rigs in a custom "brush camo"