We specialize in gun coatings, gun repair, gun stock refinishing, and cerakote coatings, which are 8x's more durable than duracoat coatings.

We are a Cerakote Certified Applicator!

Amelon Firearms currently supplies top manufacturers, elite special forces units, law enforcement agencies, and Gun Dealers with our coating services.



Our Company

We provide professional certified Armorer services and certified quality coatings for industrial, commercial, and retail markets. Our coatings have reached across the continent and Delta Force Operators are currently using weapons we serviced worldwide.

We have gained a solid reputation and are taking our services to the next level. Shooting sports and coatings have been a passion for over 25 years. We offer OEM coatings to some of the highest end manufacturers in the firearms, racing, construction, and fabrication industries, and are proud to also serve the general public.

We have hand selected and tested the best coatings prior to offering them to customers. We will not falsely advertise or provide anything other than the best coatings in the industry. We were trained in NIC industries(cerakote's) facility in Oregon, and we treat every weapon meticulously as if it were one of our own.


Our services provide our clients the ability to understand that their satisfaction is our first priority.